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A Blunt Haircut Versus a Layered Cut (2)

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      Your hair length will also have a lot to do with how you feel about your bob or short layered hairstyle. There are several length bobs that you can select from, beginning from just up from your shoulders all the way up to curving around your chin. Sometimes the back can be tapered up with a longer structure from the crown coming down and then angling longer as it reaches upon the sides. The sides can be inverted. Other times, a bob can be asymmetrical with one side curving around the chin, while the other side cuts half way over the ear and pointing upon the cheekbone. There are all kinds of bobs. If you have your heart set upon a bob, talk to your professional about the type of bob that will become your facial structure and personality.
      If you have intense naturally curly hair and are thinking about a bob there are a few things to think about before you get the haircut. Because the bob is a smooth sleek cut, you will have the laborious task of flat ironing your hair every morning before you go to work or school and chances are, by the end of the day your waves will be returning. There is always the service of getting your hair permanently straightened, which is quite costly and continues as your hair grows out. Another option is to use straightening gel and a large round brush and blow it all out slowly to see if you are going to like yourself without your curls. You could always get your curls cut into a bob cut and keep it natural; many of the big name celebrities have done this and look very stunning.
      Layered hair is the same way, it is styled ultra short to super lengths and from super curly to lush sexy waves. The important thing is to communicate with your professional, wade through a lot of pictures, think positive, get some impute from those who are close to you; the ones who aren’t afraid to tell you the truth. Most important, go slowly; no need to rush. There will be a time of adaption and learning your new haircut. Remember, patience to the rescue!
Penny Williams - Hair Stylist
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