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Hair and the Aging Woman (2)

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This, in addition to using a gentle shampoo and moisture-rich conditioner, will make your hair more manageable and help you keep it healthy inside and out.
Because your hair changes its condition as you age, if you have always colored AND permed your hair, you may want to consider losing one of those processes. These chemical services can become increasingly hard on the hair as we age. For most women, the choice will be to sacrifice perms in favor of color, and on a positive note, natural styling with a good cut and simple, soft color is much more youthful than the heavily styled looks inherent in most perm styles.
You also need to look carefully at your styling products. Avoid products containing alcohol and which are prone to create build-up on the hair. Soft styling is much preferred over the stiff, structured looks of our younger days, and alcohol-free products don’t dry out the hair the way those with alcohol can.
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