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Adult Cradle Cap (2)

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Fatigue: make time to get the proper rest you need. Famous people in high places have taken 15 minute naps and perked themselves up to make those important decisions that affect all of us. You are just as important. Start being good to yourself, you deserve it.
Oily skin: Use astringents on your scalp and face if you are too oily and non oily soaps and lotions.
Weather extremes: We all have them, protect yourself against the extreme cold that makes you shudder angrily while catching the train. Put on skin protection when the sun is too hot in the summer time. Take time to plan and always remember; “this too will pass.”
Skin Disorders such as Acne: today, there aren’t any reasons why anyone should suffer with acne. Besides avoiding greasy foods, the Dr can give you a specialized prescription that will give you a new lease on life and the acne will be gone practically overnight. Do not ignore this condition, it is your body’s way of saying, “I need a little help.”
Lotions that contain alcohol: Start being a label reader. There are several good products out there that will not dry out your skin and you will be the happier for it.
Infrequent shampoos and skin cleaning: Wash your hair before it gets dirty. The same rule applies for our body.
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