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Short Layered Haircut (2)

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Step Four:
Our demonstration was styled with a flat ceramic brush, a blow-dryer on a low-heat, low-speed setting, styling mouse for volume and a small amount of gel on the sides for control. A light misting of hairspray and the wide-tooth end of a styling comb added definition to the style.
  • short wedge haircut
  • cutting diagram for a short wedge haircut
  • short layered hairstyle
  • short layered hairdo
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The finished style is short and easy to maintain. The shape of the cut (and the volume on top) will elongate short and round faces, accent the eyes and emphasize the upper portion of the head. It is a great style for athletic women and busy professionals alike.
Advice: Practice this hair cut on a manikin before trying it out on a real person.
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