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Haircutting Practice Heads Basics (3)

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If you estimate an additional inch of hair to make the manikin, a manikin with natural human hair that is 28 inches (71.12 cm) long would take a minimum of 58 months (without any hair trimming) which means nearly five years time to grow the hair. This assumes that a single individual could grow enough individual hairs to make the manikin. Since the number of hairs per head varies with individuals, it could easily take multiple people to grow enough hairs for one manikin. {These calculations are NOT industry specific, but are the generalizations used to illustrate the amount of time and effort that would be involved in producing a human hair manikin.}
For common hair types of Standard Quality, manikins usually average around $30 (U.S. Dollars) each. Longer manikins can range into the hundreds of dollars for human hair manikins, though haircutting manikins made from protein fibers can be found for less.
The key is to decide what you want from your manikin. If you need to practice cutting, then you can perhaps simply use a lower-quality manikin to get that practice and save some money. But if you need to work with color and perming chemicals, you want to make sure to choose a good-quality manikin that will allow for that. The options are out there, and with a little careful consideration, you can get the product you want, without having to break your budget.
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