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Advanced Haircolor Tips (2)

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A Note on Bleaching
When talking about bleaching the hair, it is especially important to consider the texture and density of the hair. In this situation we are talking about the use of a peroxide developer and added bleaching agent, rather than a lifting hair color formula. This kind of processing is used to do a pre-lightening before adding a color to get the desired results. In normal situations bleaching agents are mixed with 10 or 20 volume peroxide developer.
When pre-lightening hair that is fine or has low-density, you want to make sure that you don’t over-process any bleaching step. When lightening the hair, to help make the process safer, use only 10 volume developer with the bleaching agent when working with hair that is either fine or of low density. If the hair is BOTH fine and of low density, you will want to be sure to use a 5 volume developer, which can be made by combining equal parts of 10-volume developer with a cream conditioner.
Conversely, if the hair is coarse and proves resistant as well, you may want to increase the strength of the developer to 30 volume, but always be sure to monitor the processing closely when using stronger developer with a bleaching agent. You should also NEVER use anything stronger than 30 volume developer with your bleaching agent when you are coloring your hair at home. If your hair needs such strong processing, you definitely want to use the services of a professional, in order to ensure safe, quality results.
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