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Style Three: Smoothed Layering
smooth layers hairstyle In this third style we see the effects of about 4-5 months of growth on the previous style. The top and crown sections of the hair have grown out. The lowest lengths of hair will have begun to reach the top of the shoulders, and the fringe area will have grown out to the eyebrow level or lower (depending on the starting length).
This cut will be created from the previous style by following the perimeter to ensure even length all around, and making a curved line up to the face to merge with the fringe area. Trim the lower quarter of the hair to keep the level of bulk in balance, and note that the “weight line” of the style has moved to the point at the middle and lower areas of the ears. Below that the layers taper to a slight wispy look. Be sure to use the razor only to smooth the layers and the transition from the mid-point of the head to the ends of the hair.
The cut would be styled using a blow-dryer and a paddle brush to create smooth lines in the hair, blowing the length straight. As the hair approaches the “mostly dry” state, you can use a large round brush to flare out the ends of the hair if you wish, or to curve the ends under for a tidier, more controlled look. Use a light application of silkening/smoothing serum to add some sleekness and control any frizz and finger-comb the hair to direct locks as desired.
Style Four: Razor-cut Rocker Chic
long layered hairstyle This is a long-layered look that becomes accessible with another 4 to 5 months of growth. The hair cut now features consistent bulk along the full range of the head top to ends and the layers are cut to be more random than a traditional long-layered cut. This allows the creation of a wild, tousled look that can also be styled smooth and sleek, with enough length to be worn up for more formal affairs.
Once again, this cut has a perimeter trimmed to ensure even length from side to side around the back (or it can follow whatever line is desired). The fringe area is razor cut to create an angled bangs that have softened ends. The length is layered to evenly distribute the bulk of the hair, and is textured using a long sweeping slice along the length to give some added definition to the finished cut.
Style the cut by blow-drying using paddle brush and styling the lengths straight in a down and forward-angled direction. Apply smoothing serum and styling gel/lotion while the hair is still damp (before drying begins). This will enable you to create smoother, defined tresses. Once the hair is dry, apply a small amount of pomade or styling wax to the fingers and pass locks of the hair through them to give added definition and separate individual locks.
When used in sequence, these four styles can ensure that you can progress from short to longer styles with minimal aggravation from in-between stages. Just remember that you need to remind your stylist that you are planning to grow your hair out. If possible, have your stylist make a file on your hairstyle plans, showing the different stages and work out a timeline for you so that you will be able to stay on track with the look you are trying to achieve.
If we can help women (and men) to understand how to plan for their hair growth progress, perhaps fewer people will be afraid of making changes in their look. Who knows, you may find you prefer shorter lengths. And if not, you’ll have a game plan to take you from short to long again.
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