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Grecian Up-Style (2)

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Wrap the lacings (lacings being a ribbon, silk cord, or leather thong) around the outside of the hair at the base of the twist. Tie the ends into a half knot at the back of the twist base, and bring the ends up at an angle along each side to the top of the twist in front and make another half knot. Now bring the ends around the top of the twist and make a half knot, then angle down toward the front base and half knot again. Finish the lacing by bringing the ends around to the back and tie them off in a bow or square knot. The finished lacing should look similar to the diagram shown.
  • grecian up-style styling instruction
  • grecian up-style instruction
  • grecian updo instruction
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Finish of the style either by twisting off the remaining hair into a small bun and tucking the ends for a tidier look, or fluff the curls into a small spray at the top of the lacings. Lightly mist with a shine enhancing spray for extra shimmer in the finished style. You can also loosen tendrils of curl at the sides and temples, and along the length of the laced area if desired. Note that the style works equally well on hair with and without bangs, but if bangs are present you may need to use a curling iron to adjust the curls at the forehead and position them the way you want them.
Extra accessories can be added if you want additional interest or sparkle (small flowers, jeweled hairpins, etc.), and you can substitute long strands of beads in place of (or lain over) the lacings.
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