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Disco Diva Hairstyle How To (2)

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You can use any wrapping technique you like as long as it uses the croquignole method. For our demonstration, we used the standard perm wrap: a column of rods from crown to front in the top section, a column of rods from crown to nape in the center back, and the sides divided into even halves with side by side columns.
Most women, unless they are well-practiced at rolling their hair or perform self-perms regularly, will probably need to enlist the aid of a friend for this. Consider taking turns doing this with a friend who also wants to get a disco diva look.
Once the hair is wrapped, it’s time to let it dry. You can leave the hair to dry on its own (generally taking a long time – probably overnight) or use a hooded or bonnet hairdryer to speed things up. If you do use a hairdryer, remember to allow the curls to cool completely before you try to remove the perm rods. Otherwise, you can stretch out the curls and loosen them, which could diminish the effect.
To fluff out the hair, use your wide-toothed comb or pick and start at the crown of the head. Slide the teeth of the comb under the curls along the scalp and lift away from the head. Work in small areas with one or two curls at a time, and repeat the “insert and lift” action until the hair is extended as far as you can get it (or as far as you want it to go). Slowly include new curls as you work your way around the scalp in a radial fashion.
If you want to keep a more “curled” look, stick to a very wide-toothed comb or pick; but if you like a fluffier look to your Afro, you can shift down to a less-wide-toothed comb. You’ll really want to make sure to slowly shift to a comb with narrower spacing between the teeth, since using a comb that is too-fine to begin with can result in tangles and knots in the curls. Work your way down to smaller tooth-spacing to avoid damage.
Once you’ve fluffed the curls out as much as you want them to be, take a moment and use your pick/comb to finish the shape of the style. Use the comb to lift areas that seem sunken-in, and use your fingers (pressed together) to pat down areas that seem too fluffy. Once you have the shape you want, use a generous misting of hairspray to provide some extra hold.
Finishing Touches:
Finishing the style really makes everything come together. Consider adding some sparkle to your style by adding a spray of glitter-laden hairspray. Use a thin satin scarf to accent the style by tying it around the base of the hair along the perimeter. Tie it in a square knot at the temple for something funky, or at the nape for a chic finish. You can even tie it around the ‘fro at the forehead (like the classic Jimi Hendrix look).
Other options for dressing up your ‘do include using a jeweled hairpins inserted into the hair, silk flowers pinned in place, and gold or silver cord (try looking for the elastic type sold in the ribbon aisle of your local craft store) wrapped loosely around the hair in random fashion to add some glitz and glamour.
Whatever you choose to do to make your look your own, be bold with it. The afro look was meant to show pride in oneself and to get noticed, so don’t sell the look short.
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