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Choosing the Best Hair Straightener for You (2)

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Consider the size of the hair straightener as well. If you have short hair, you may want to opt for a narrower iron, something that is only 1” – 1.5” wide. Narrow irons are also effective if you already have straight hair, and are using the iron to create shine and healthy hair. The most common size for hair straighteners are 1 ¼” to 1 ½”. However, if you have very long hair you may want to try up to a 2” or 3” plate size in order to save time and get your straightening done more efficiently.
Other things you might want to consider is the weight of an iron. Are you going to get a sore arm every day when you style your hair? If the hair straightener is too heavy, it will be awkward and uncomfortable to use. Also look for a long swivel cord on a hair straightener. It seems like a simple thing however avoiding tangles and annoying cord bunch ups will make your styling experience much easier.
The last thing to consider before making your decision is also one of the biggest – the price of the hair straightener. Of course, you have your own budget to work with when it comes to buying a hair straightener, however before you make your decision based solely on price; you should defiantly weigh all the options. Cheaper hair irons are also cheaper quality. They are not made as well, they will not perform as well and they will likely damage your hair. A professional hair straightener will last longer, give you the hair style you desire and create healthy, beautiful hair.
Be sure to balance all of the major factors when making your decision about what hair straightener will work the best for you and you will soon have beautifully straight, shiny and healthy hair.
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