How to Recreate Celebrity Hair Colour

Hair colorist
Get Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole or Agyness Deyn’s key looks from celebrity colourist Paul Bingham!
When you think of style, sophistication and elegance three women who spring to mind immediately are Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole and Agyness Deyn. Between them they’ve adorned the cover of every leading fashion magazine and had more column inches then most.
With such high regard it’s no wonder that many women look to them for inspiration but getting their look isn’t always that easy. Once you’ve got the bag, the shoes and the killer dress you have to tackle the hair style and colour.

But don’t panic, one man in the know is celebrity hair and colour expert Paul Bingham. Over the years Paul has coloured everyone’s hair from Leona Lewis to Mischa Barton and is on hand to take us through getting the perfect celeb look.
Whether you want to go for the silver bleach blond made famous by Agyness Deyn or simply want a classic light caramel like Cheryl Cole, Paul will help you get the look.
Watch the video with Paul, an expert with Live Colour XXL, as he takes us through the perfect celeb looks.
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