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Basic Blowout How To (2)

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Start drying the hair using low heat and high airflow. Draw the vented brush through the hair to separate the hair and keep the hair and dryer moving constantly. The goal is to gently dissipate the water on the hair and get it to a ‘mostly dry’ state. Once the hair is ‘mostly dry’ you want to switch to your round brush, and shift your dryer to high heat and low airflow.
Use the round brush and pull the hair taut as you direct the hot air along the length of the shaft in the direction the hair grows. You never want to blow the air toward the scalp along the hair shaft.
{PRO TIP: The secret to blow dry straightening is this: TENSION. You need a brush that is going to pull the hair taut as you blow the hot air along its length. If you have fine hair and can’t seem to get your hair straight with a blow-dryer, this is probably why. If necessary, use a brush with natural fiber bristles to get the desired tension. Furthermore, for truly straight hair in a blowout style, use a flat paddle brush. We’re demoing the round brush look because we want a gentle curve to the hair.}
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If you want to add extra fullness to the hair, use your round brush and hold segments of the hair taut near the scalp while you direct the airflow to warm the hair. Once the hair is warmed, hit the cool shot button and cool off the hair to set the configuration. This will cause the hair to stand away from the scalp and give volume.
Continue with these steps through the middle and upper thirds of the hair. Take your time and work in smaller sections as you wish. The goal at first is to master the technique, speed will follow with practice. You’ll be happier with spending an extra 20 minutes than you will be with rushing the job and getting less desirable results.
To finish the look, you can actually set a few sharper curves in the hair by using your round brush and cool shot feature. Along the front hairline, try curling the hair around the brush and warming it while you hold the hair taut, then cool the hair and remove the brush. You can create these deep bends along a parting line or simply at the forward hairline to give a more polished look.
Use a similar technique at the ends of the hair by rolling the brush in your fingers to keep the hair wrapped around the barrel of the brush while it is warmed. Cool the hair while you continue rolling the brush to set the bend in the hair. Once you have the look you want, spray the hair lightly with hairspray to keep the style looking smooth and neat.
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