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How to Shampoo a Bedridden or Mobility-Impaired Person (2)

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At this point you are ready to begin “shampooing”. You want to fill one of your spray bottles with warm water and add shampoo to it (approximately 30 milliliters per liter or 1 ounce [two tablespoons] per quart). Shake the bottle to mix the solution. Fill your larger bottle with warm, clear water. Spray the shampoo solution on the section of hair you are working on (start at the top of the head for efficiency’s sake) and gently massage the scalp to generate some lather. Work your way from scalp to ends of the hair, then gently blot the hair with a towel. Next, use your clear water spray bottle to rinse away the lather, and continue blotting with the towel to control the moisture. Once you’ve ‘cleaned’ the first section, comb it out carefully and clip it out of the way.
Continue with this process working from section to section, from top of the head to the nape of the neck unit you’ve cleaned all the areas of the hair. With careful planning and a little advance preparation, you can easily get the hair clean and ready to style. And believe me the individual you are aiding will be very grateful for your attentions and care.
{NOTE: You may need to go back over the head again with your clean water rinse in order to catch bits of lathering that resulted from overlapping while working with the various sections. Be sure you do so, as needed, since some shampoos can irritate the skin if allowed to dry on the individual’s scalp.}
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