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How to Style the Hair of a Bedridden Individual (3)

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Again, make sure to have a moveable place to set up your tools and do so in advance, so that you aren’t taxing the endurance level of the individual you are working with. Use a TV tray, or small table, and make sure that you have an extension cord for your power supply so that you can reach wherever you need to with your heat-styling tool. And as discussed before, be sure to make sure you know how you will be able to reach whatever portion of the hair you are going to be working with.
CHI flat iron Now, as mentioned above, you can blow-out the hair for straightening, using your blow-dryer and your bristled brush to keep the hair taut as you heat/dry it, and this will usually give you smooth, straight hair. Take the clean dry hair and lightly moisten it with a spray bottle of water, then attach the concentrator to your hair dryer and begin drying/straightening the hair in small sections working bottom to top from front to back.
However, if the hair is already mostly straight, you could simply use your flat iron to smooth the hair fully. Again, making sure to be careful about your angles of approach because you will be working at odd positions with a hot appliance and want to be wary of burns. Simply take the clean, dry hair and lightly mist it with hair spray. Allow the hair spray to dry fully, then use your comb to take thin slices and pass them evenly and quickly between the hot plates of the flat iron. The resulting strands should come out smooth and glossy.
In cases where the hair is curly to start and you want it straight, you may need to use both techniques. Furthermore, using both techniques will give you longer lasting results in hard to style hair.
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