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How to Cut Hair for an Individual who is Bedridden (2)

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The next step is to comb out the hair carefully to remove any snarls and tangles that are present so that you can separate the hair into sections and clip it out of the way while you begin working on the haircut. You’ll want to mist the hair with your spray bottle with water to make it easier to section the hair, and it also keeps the hair neater within the sections. Be sure to pay attention to your guides and markers that you select based on the specific style. This will allow you to ensure a balanced cut. (You will, of course, cross-check the cut at the finishing stage, but this is a good way to help you maintain balance as you go.)
{*Your spray bottle will most often have clean, clear water in it, but in some cases, particularly with individuals who have very dry, damaged or porous hair, you may need to use something a little heavier to both condition the hair and allow you to control it better. I find that a good leave-in conditioner is fantastic in most cases. And in cases where the individual has very porous hair (especially if the hair is also very dry) you can use a spray laminator (i.e., a light fruit oil product used to add shine) instead of water. The laminator is slower to evaporate meaning that it’s easier to work with longer, and also makes the hair look healthier at the finish.}
Proceed with your haircut as indicated by the style you choose, and make note of any instances where hairs escape your prepared catch-pockets. You may not need to do anything about it as you go, but you want to make sure you’re able to deal with them when you’re finished.
Once the haircut is done, carefully remove the cape and towel, and use your talcum powder liberally to help get rid of any of the rest of the stray hair pieces that may have “got away”. The talcum will also help to prevent itching and irritation should you miss any of those hairs.
After you’ve removed the cape, and done the talcum application, you should look for any hairs that escaped and use your small, portable vacuum to clean them away. If they cannot be suctioned by the vacuum because they’re gripping the bedding then you should use your lint roller. The lint roller is also excellent for making sure there are no hair pieces on the individual’s clothing which could lead to itch or irritation.
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