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Updo with Smoothed Back Hair

The Cut: Once again the hair is cut with a long blunt cut style.
The Color: The color of this model's hair is a cool sable black. The hair also appears to have been treated with a clear-gloss additive to give the hair additional shine.
The Style: Towel-dry hair is prepped with leave-in spray and styling gel or mousse and blown dry to a smooth, straight finish. The hair at the top and crown of the head is backcombed lightly to give added height, then the hair is smoothed back on the top and sides and gathered back at the nape area and twisted into a single, long twist that doubles back and is secured using pins and other appropriate accessories.
Hair: Richard Ward at Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa, London, England
Collection: Opulenza
Make-up: Dyves La Medica assisted by Sonia
Styling: Gianantonio Allievi
Art Direction: Tim Frisby
Photography: Daniele Ciprani
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