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Beehive & Pompadour Updo

The Cut: The cut here is a standard long blunt cut.
The Color: The model's hair is a natural looking honey blonde with soft highlights to add depth and light.
The Style: The style is a tribute to the 60s beehive/pompadour looks, with the top an crown sections backcombed and styled smooth on the surface, and gathered at the back of the head then finished in a cascade of soft, yet fully-defined curls. The hair on the sides is smoothed back, with one side featuring a pony-tail that is wrapped at the base with a strand of the hair itself and ending in a clutch of soft, smooth curls.
Hair: Richard Ward at Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa, London, England
Collection: Opulenza
Make-up: Dyves La Medica assisted by Sonia
Styling: Gianantonio Allievi
Art Direction: Tim Frisby
Photography: Daniele Ciprani
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