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Gingery Red Hair

The Cut: This is another style based on a long, blunt cut.
The Color: The hair's color is a soft gingery red with soft highlights to give the hair fire without brassiness.
The Style: The hair is prepped with leave-in spray and styling gel and blown-dry with a lot of lift. The hair is also backcombed to add more fullness then clipped on each side with barrettes. It is doubled under and secured into the barrettes as well. The updo is finished with a misting of hairspray and smoothed with a styling brush.
Hair: Richard Ward at Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa, London, England
Collection: Opulenza
Make-up: Dyves La Medica assisted by Sonia
Styling: Gianantonio Allievi
Art Direction: Tim Frisby
Photography: Daniele Ciprani
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