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Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

The Cut: A modern update on the classic bob, the cut features side-swept bangs with deep texturing and razored ends for softness.
The Color: The model's hair is a pale yellow-blonde that shimmers in the light, with very subtle highlighting to give a natural depth to the high-lift color.
The Style: The hair is towel-dried and treated with styling gel and protective product for thermal styling. The hair is then blow-dried with a round brush and smoothed with a flat iron to smooth the hair inward at the fringe and flipped out at the ends on the sides and back. A light application of smoothing serum is used to give the hair a glossy, sleek finish.
Hair: Richard Ward
Collection: Impassioned
Make-up: Melanie Harris using Pop & Vintage Madeline Mono
Styling: Andrea Westinghouse
Art Direction: Tim Frisby
Photography: Joseph Oppedisano