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Backcombed Curls

The Cut: The hair here is cut into a very long layered style, with added box layering to round the silhouette of the top of the head.
The Color: The rich chocolately brown color of the hair here features soft highlights to give the hair a warm glow in the light.
The Style: This hairstyle is created first by blowing out the hair (prepped with leave-in conditioner and styling gel) using the fingers to create the maximum amount of lift. Soft curl is created using Velcro rollers (jumbo-sized) and a diffused hair-dryer with hairspray. The curls are backcombed to maximize the fullness and volume, and the finished style is misted with fine mist spray and fingered to define the curls.
Hair: Richard Ward at Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa, London, England
Collection: Opulenza
Make-up: Dyves La Medica assisted by Sonia
Styling: Gianantonio Allievi
Art Direction: Tim Frisby
Photography: Daniele Ciprani