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Brown Afro Curls

The Cut: This naturally curly head has been cut with layers to maximize the volume.
The Color: The rich auburn hair features subtle ginger highlights to add depth and fire to the color and to accentuate the curls.
The Style: The style relies on naturally curly hair. The hair is towel-dried and prepped with maximum-hold styling gel, which is combed through with a wide-tooth comb to fully distribute the gel. The hair is dried using a diffused blow-dryer using the fingers to lift the hair away from the scalp for maximum volume. Once completely dry, the hair is backcombed to further add lift and create an "afro" style which can be misted with styling spritz and scrunched to add definition to the curl.
Hair: Richard Ward
Collection: Impassioned
Make-up: Melanie Harris using Pop & Vintage Madeline Mono
Styling: Andrea Westinghouse
Art Direction: Tim Frisby
Photography: Joseph Oppedisano