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Big Bangs with Retro Flair

There is also a big bang theory when it comes to hair and with this extravagant creation Mark Woolley illustrates it very well. It does not get much bigger than these straight cut bangs that reach from temple to temple, but since the line continues towards the ears, they seem endless. This fringe of all fringes was styled with a deep curve, either over a small round brush or with a curling iron.
To avoid flying hairs a smoothing products is essential. The back of the hair is styled into a large chignon, repeating the roundness that we find in the front, just on an even larger scale. Perfect balance and striking design. Use a mist of gloss spray for the sparkling finish.
Collection: Rio
Hair: Mark Woolley
Makeup: Natasha Lakic
Styling: Roberta Resta
Photography: Pete Webb @ Creative Wasp
Assistant Photographer: Terri-Lyn Hohenadel
Art Direction: Creative Wasp Studio
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