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Mini-Makeover: Cut and Color (2)

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The Resolution:
makeover - hair color So I suggested we wait a couple of days and I would take her back to something close to her normal shade and we would work on growing out the problem color portions. We proceeded to use the dark neutral brown over the color and achieved a shade that made her happy, it’s dark, and more even and she has that hint of red she was looking for in her color. With that finished, we were ready to cut.
The Cut:
Knowing pretty much what I wanted to do, I took her straight from a shampoo and conditioning to the chair and began to work on the cut. I started in the center back and made my guide cut. I over-directed the hair at the nape of the neck up to the occipital bone and held the hair between my fingers. I repeated this moving side to side until I had established a two-inch section with a strong weight line and steep layers underneath.
I continued free-hand, along the left side to create my desired angle of descent toward the face and chin. Then, moving to the right I pulled pieces of the left side and right side back to gauge the proper lengths at varied points, so that I kept the two sides even. Once the basic lengths were established, I began combing the hair back at an angle to the nape and cutting it to establish some smoothness of layering.
makeover - makeover

Once all the layers were established I finished the cut by going over the ends of the hair with a point-cutting technique, just to slightly diffuse the cutting line along the bottom edge of the hair.
I finished the look by applying a liberal amount of "The Cream" by Paul Mitchell and giving the cut a good blow-out with a round brush to bend the ends under.
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