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Long Hair Makeover (2)

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Step Two: After blowing the hair dry, I again sectioned the hair into horizontal divisions, and began the flat-ironing process. Working with first one side of the head, then another, this involved using a light mist of hairspray and ceramic plate flat iron on sections of hair approximately 1-to-1 1/2-inches deep. The flat iron smoothed out the "fluffiness" and allowed the hair to lie more smoothly on the shoulders.
The entire process of blow-drying and flat-iron straightening took about an hour and a half, because Jenn's hair is so long. The finished result of the thermal straightening process was smooth, silky tresses where once had been a mass of curls and frizz. Jenn also noted with pleasure that her new hair look had an added bonus by making her face appear slimmer.
Jennifer's Face Makeover
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