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Realistic Expectations and Results from Make-Up (2)

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• It is realistic to apply foundation in order to even out variation in skin tone. It is NOT realistic to expect a natural-looking result if you are attempting to hide skin disorders or severe discolorations. You can minimize the appearance of freckles, and in some cases, blend them away completely, but for dark, high-contrast pigment marks, most foundations will only go so far and remain natural-looking.
• In the case of acne blemishes, particularly severe eruptions, attempting to hide them using foundation is definitely unrealistic, and often makes the condition worse.
• It is realistic to use blusher and contouring make-up in order to emphasize the cheekbones or to minimize the appearance of unflattering areas of the face. It is NOT realistic to attempt to use blusher or contouring make-up to completely change the shape of the face. You will not get a natural-looking effect if you try to make a round face look narrow by shading the sides excessively.
• Eye make-up is especially vulnerable to unrealistic expectations. It is realistic to use eye make-up to enhance eye color, and to make them appear brighter and more open. It is NOT realistic to expect a natural-looking result when you use excessive eye make-up, including liner, shadow and mascara in dark shades, particularly in daylight.
• Obviously, the rules for make-up differ from day to night. Heavier make-up applications are acceptable in the evening when the ambient light tends to be darker and the effects of cosmetics is less visible, but even in night-time application you can easily go too far if you aren't careful.
Of course, there are other problem areas in make-up application, but you get the idea. One simple truism that applies to the subject of make-up application is "less is more". You should always try to remember to use softer colors in daytime and save richer colors for evening wear. You should also know that while you can always easily add more make-up, removing an over-abundant application often requires starting from square one.
If you keep the focus of your efforts on simply enhancing your appearance, you will usually find that your results are both more flattering and more natural-looking.
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