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Common Make-Up Mistakes (3)

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COMMON MISTAKE (eye color): All too often, women get sucked into make-up trends and apply their eye color using techniques that are wholly unsuited to their needs. The result is a look that is neither flattering nor functional.
Solution: Avoid trends and ignore the looks you see in most fashion magazines and on runway models. These are looks that are rarely intended for wear in the real world. Learn basic application techniques that flatter your eyes and build on them. Always remember that it’s much easier to add more than to take it away.
COMMON MISTAKE (eyeliner): With eyeliner, the most common mistake is in over-use. Some women get so accustomed to wearing eyeliner that they slowly add more and more until they develop the dreaded “raccoon eye” look. Unfortunately, the way this tends to develop means that the women who have the problem cannot recognize it.
Solution: The best way to prevent overuse of eyeliner is to find a dependable friend to give you a “reality check”. This is particularly true if you feel you are unable to make the judgment on your own. Of course, it also necessitates that the friend not suffer from eyeliner addiction as well. Daytime application should always be lighter than evening wear, including the use of softer shades of eyeliner when possible. Evening application should be moderate.
COMMON MISTAKE (mascara): With mascara, the most common mistake is failing to recognize that there are different shades for different circumstances. Many women simply choose a favored brand of mascara in black and think that is sufficient. The result is that often the look is too severe for more casual settings.
Solution: You should choose at least two mascara shades for your make-up kit. One should be a lighter shade – either clear gel mascara or a soft brown – for daytime wear. The other can be a darker color for evening use and more formal occasions.
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