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Wedding Hair Tips (2)

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Maybe you are more of a modern thinker and would like to have a strapless dress made of satin. No ruffles, lace or long chain for you, something simple and to the point, yet very formal. If you have long hair, you’d probably want to wear it up smoothly, but not boldly with very few tendrils. Something for you to remember on this occasion is to allow a little softness to be framed around your face.
If your hair is short, have a new cut about two weeks before your wedding and this will give it time to be out of shock and settle into the new style. You will also have about one-fourth new growth and it should be perfect for your day. The short cut you have depends upon what you are visualizing what you see yourself looking like. Bring a picture to your Stylist and she will tell you whether you will look good in that or if your hair is practical for the style you selected. A lot depends upon the texture of your hair, your figure and your face too.
What about thin hair, waves or tight curls? Should you wear hair ornaments or would this be too much?
Stay tuned, we will discuss those very subjects in the next article.
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