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Wedding Hair Tips for Thin Hair (2)

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Some of the most beautiful women in the world have short hair. Perhaps you haven’t noticed. Some even have thin hair they have disguised with highlighting, hair pieces, lotions and gels over the years. Therefore, you are not alone. Ask yourself, what type of look do you have in mind? Do you want short straight hair? Use very heavy gel or lotion and use your blow dryer with your round brush until smooth. A bob slightly tilting under would be quite nice. The gel, blow dryer and brush should blow your cuticle fat enough for the full effect you are seeking.
If you are thinking more about curls, roll your hair with medium sized rollers with the gel or lotion and set under the dryer about 30 minutes. Before you brush your hair out, spray and allow to dry first. You have set your rollers toward the exact direction you want your curls to go, you will notice this when you are brushing your hair out. If you want your face framed with curls, you set your rollers toward your face. If you want your hair going back away from your face, you set them going back. If you have about two inches of hair all around your head, you can purchase inch sized rollers and position them in various ways to get a tousled affect. After dry, backcomb your hair all over and take your fingers smoothing out different parts and scattering it lightly for a full effect. Do not use the brush unless you want a very smooth, irregular look.
Today, Brides are wearing their veils from the top of their head to the nape of their head. Anywhere except over their face like yesterday. Then, there are those who are not bothering to buy a veil. Any length veil would look nice /if/ your hair is styled good underneath. If your veil is attached to a tiara, most place this directly on top of the head with the veil flowing from the back. Without the tiara I have seen some connected just above a cluster of curls on the base of the head with a hair ornament attached to it. Some like flowers in their hair such as baby breath. All this is in accordance to the taste of the Bride.
What if you have natural curly hair and it seems to be too curly for the style you would like? We’ll talk about this in the next article.