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Hair Trends - Spring and Summer 2008

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  • Jess Manafort - Practical hairstyle with a side part
  • Katrina Begin wearing her hair in a sleek updo with side bangs
  • Leighton Meester
  • Lyndsy Fonseca - Long hairstyle with a side part
  • Maggie Grace
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The photos above demonstrate the versatility of the side-part in styling, and clearly illustrate the use of this hairstyle element in order to make each of the looks just a touch more exotic. By adding the asymmetry of the side part, and shifting the bulk of the hair in one direction or the other, you can draw focus away from less-flattering features and camouflage overlarge or disproportionate dimensions.
Honorable Mentions:
There are some other trends for hairstyles coming in the spring and summer that may be less definable, but will be present nonetheless. The smooth, sleek styling of the winter months will give way to more movement and energy in the styles. Where the hair may have been mostly straight in months past, we’ll see an emergence of large waves in the hair. And when lots of curl is called for, the styling will ensure clean, shaped curls that appear more sculpted than combed-out.
In addition, hair colors will lighten again, to get ready for (and imitate) the lightening of the sun that naturally occurs as the days grow longer and warmer. The rich browns and subtle tones will give way to gold-tones and warm blondes, with a few of the more daring adding even brighter shades as accents or all-over colors. Expect to see colors change like the direction of the wind as women find the joys of semi-permanent color toners and start spicing up their hair.
  • Bob hairstyle with ringlet curls - Alexandra Fuller
  • Petra Nemcova hairstyle - Long blonde hair with a middle part and waves
  • Jodie Foster - Medium hairstyle with curls for fine hair
  • Gwyneth Paltrow wearing her hair in a bob with spiral curls
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Alexandra Fuller is seen here with a style featuring a multitude of the trends for the coming seasons – from the bob cut of the hair, to the side parted fringe, and all of it styled in crisply-defined ringlet curls.
Petra Nemcova’s flowing golden tresses are styled in soft waves that are smooth and cleanly defined – a definite trait of the spring and summer looks.
Jodie Foster combines the fringe look with soft curls, styled to define and texturize her normally fine hair. Her red-golden blonde is a look many will emulate in the months to come.
Gwyneth Paltrow is a classic beauty, and even with a long bob style, manages to add elements to make it her own unique look. The softly spiraled curls combined with the intricately highlighted hair – blending golden, yellow, and warm blonde tones – makes for look that is soft and romantic, while appearing effortless.