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Aqua Beauty Tips by Wellaflex

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A Fresh Kick for Your Hair
Franziska van Almsick and Sascha Breuer let you in on their pro tips for a shiny start into the spring / summer season. It won’t be long and we can again enjoy the warm rays of the sun. And just as nature begins to bloom in spring, the hair should shine in a new glow as well.
Star stylist and wellaflex styling expert Sascha Breuer knows what counts for the care and styling of your hair in spring and summer. He joins up wit wellaflex spokeswoman Franziska van Almsick to give you exclusive tips for shiny and well nourished hair in the warm season.
A New Cut
Sascha Breuer: “Detox is a magic word for skin and hair in spring. The cold and dry air from heaters have stressed our skin, but also the hair in winter tremendously. Especially the tips of the hair are especially strained by the friction from wearing scarves and hats and often show signs of damage: the tips begin to split and the hair tends to tangle at the rough spots. When you pull on these while combing or brushing, it is easy to damage the whole hair and it can even break. To keep the split ends from spreading and to render the hair style able again, you should definitely get rid of those tips in spring and the best thing to do is to just try a new haircut. With a new cut the hair is much easier to style; besides that, the new look and a fresh styling also lift up the mood!”
Moisturizing the Hair
Franziska van Almsick: “I’m a big fan of hats and love to combine my outfit in winter with different hats. Of course for my hair this is pure stress. Latest when it gets warm again in spring it really is time to give my hair a boost and give it the right care. Especially moisture is very important then to give my hair a nice shine and so that I can style them better. I am not very patient for long processes and things in my bath have to happen fast. That is why I mostly just use a moisturizing conditioner and every now and then I massage a leave-in treatment into the tips. This does not weigh down the hair and it looks beautifully nourished and healthy.”
Styling with Care and Protection
Sascha Breuer: “The best prerequisite for every styling is perfectly nourished hair that has plenty of moisture. Only with a balanced content of moisture the hair can be smooth, shiny and can be styled without any problems. However care and protection for the hair does not have to be complicated and can easily be done while styling. For this I recommend the Hydro Style line by wellaflex.
The formula with a hydro active complex in hairspray, mousse and blow dry spray provides intense moisture that wraps around each hair like a protective layer. It strengthens the resistance of the hair and protects it from harmful environmental effects. It will stay protected until the next washing and retains its healthy shine.”
Franziska van Almsick: “I find care and styling in one step so very practical. That is why I swear by the Hydro Style products by wellaflex. They work great for the styling and my hair gets a lot of moisture. I love especially the way my hair feels afterwards and that it has a beautiful and natural flow. This matches me and I feel so good with it.”
Sun Protection for Hair and Skin
Sascha Breuer: “In spring it is fun again to spend time outdoors. But you should not underestimate the power of this early sun. The increased UV rays not only penetrate the skin; they can also damage the hair. Especially colored or chemically treated hair is very sensitive, but also natural hair can suffer from strong solar exposure and can quickly become stressed, dry and lose its shine.
The right sun protection is therefore very important. You should not only protect your skin with a good sunscreen but also apply some UV protection on your hair. The easiest way is to use specific styling products, e.g. the Hydro Style line from wellaflex. These work until the hair is washed again and protect the hair from UV rays and loss of moisture and at the same time they provide reliable and flexible hold to your styling. It is important to apply the products evenly from the roots to the tips to make sure that the hair is really protected all around. Make sure to have a distance of at least 20cm when misting on hairspray, to distribute it evenly. This way the hair is well prepared for a day outdoors.”
Franziska van Almsick: “When it gets really hot in summer I mostly stay in the shade to not catch too much sun. But I still always use a sunscreen and UV protection for my hair. Even in the shade you are not a hundred percent protected from UV rays. Another thing that is never missing in my beach bag is a small spray bottle with water that I can mist over my face for quick refreshment. For my hair I always carry the Hydro Style blow drying spray by wellaflex. It makes it easy to freshen up my style and it also helps to protect my hair from UV rays.”
The Right Styling Tools
Sascha Breuer: “In summer many women stop blow drying their hair and prefer to air dry it. That is, of course, practical, but moist hair is especially sensitive and is getting stressed through friction and other effects. To prepare the hair for a summer day without accidentally damaging it, I suggest to protect it with special products and to use a high quality blow dryer to dry it with mild heat. A good blow dryer should have a strong airflow, a cold button and adjustable temperature. A diffuser attachment makes the process even gentler. Before anything else, make sure to work some mousse or blow drying lotion into the towel dry hair, to protect it from the dryer’s heat and the loss of moisture. The new Hydro Style blow drying spray from wella is ideal for this: it applies as easy as pie and helps to provide the hair with moisture. In addition it also protects from environmental influences until you wash your hair again. Besides the right blow dryer you should pay attention to having the best combs and brushes and work through moist hair very carefully. The best tools are a wooden comb or a brush with natural bristles, because they preserve the structure of the hair.”
Salt and Chlorine in the Water
Franziska van Almsick: Jumping into cold water is still the best refreshment on a hot day. As an athlete I was in the water every day. That’s how I know how strongly the salts and chlorine can dry out the hair. My SOS tip: I always carry a bottle of fresh water with me to the pool or the beach. I use this to rinse my hair as a first measure and then I distribute a little Hydro Style blow drying spray evenly through my hair. This gives great moisture and protects from UV rays. In the evening I use a shampoo for sun stressed hair to remove all residue from the salt or chlorine and finish up with a moisturizing conditioner. This way my hair is fit for the next day.”
Photo: Wellaflex
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