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The Round Face and Suitable Hairstyles (2)

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Style Five:
       This long layered hairstyle offers more volume and curl that the previous styles. The style creates the needed illusion of length by using the added volume and lift at the top of the head and the extra length to counter the volume on the sides. The bangs are wispy and the hair is styled with an off-center parting. The layered curls are styled to frame the face and enhance the impression that the face is more oval. This is a great style for those who have thick, curly or wavy hair.
Style Six:
haircut for a round face haircut for a round face        Here's a style option chosen to show that you don't have to have super-short hair on a round face. The style is completely asymmetrical and center parted. The base style is a wedge-cut back that progresses to an A-line bob in front. The hair is styled straight and is razor-cut to give smooth texture to the look. The long fringe framing the face helps to create the impression of elongation and the appearance of an oval face. The asymmetry makes the style ideal for those with other challenges due to prominent or out of balance features.
Style Seven:
       This mid-long razor-cut style offers a wispy fringe area, and an off-center parting. The angle of the bangs area helps to create a smooth look and helps create the impression of an oval shape. The style can be finished as shown for an up-to-date and trendy look, or can be blown smooth with a round brush, turning the ends under to make the look sleek and smooth. This style works well for those who have fine-to-medium textured hair.
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