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       There are well over 10 different kinds of moustache styles to choose from and in some parts of the country men have moustache growing competitions to see just how long and well groomed stashes they can grow. There are even fund raising events involved in the macho moustache competitions. You will find special moustache websites for only those with that stache and uniquely different clubs selectively for men who have cast their razor’s to the wind in favor for facial hair. I’m surprised we don’t have a moustache union somewhere or moustache carnivals. Why not a moustache hall of fame?
       Isn’t it funny how we associate some people with their moustaches? Old time silent film star “Charlie Chaplin” was well known for his toothbrush stashe. British TV-series “Fawlty Towers” had Basil Fawlty’s thin stashe. Remember “Gomez” on “The Adams Family?” When we think of these people we “see” their moustaches.
       Stashes aren’t for everyone though. If you are considering a stashe ask yourself if you are ready for the challenge of the upkeep. The daily ritual of clipping and trimming can be time consuming. On the other hand, if you are going to shave anyway, might as well put a little creativity and design on your facial personality. Nothing has to be a chore or boring if you have your morning coffee with you. Light a candle and see what you look like under that lighting. Ask your mate to see what she says about your new look. What do you have to lose, except what a shave wouldn’t handle?