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Transforming Hair Tips for Men (3)

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       A gentlemen’s cut that gives appeal is much more complex than anyone could understand. Let’s imagine a man who has thick straight hair on top of his head that grows down toward his eyebrows. There is only about two inches from his hairline to his eyebrows, so this man cannot afford much length or it will grow in his eyes. In the crown he has the circle I was talking about previously; now when we look at his top, it’s all growing toward his face. This man has learned to swim with the tide and doesn’t fight the direction his hair flows, with the exception of about two inches in the very front closest to his hairline; he applies some gel and spray and tweaks it up.. He gets a good cut about an inch long on top and leaves about another half inch where he tweaks; and going with a fade in the back and around his ears. He’s a clean mean moving machine.
       Horse shoes should only be for horses, but unfortunately there is a thinness described as the horseshoe. The hair begins to recede in the two sides above the temple area circling around to meet each other giving an island of hair left for the top. There are expensive products you can take to make your hair come back, but the minute you stop taking them, the hair returns back to its former stance. To look most attractive you have a few options: One is, you could let your hair grow a little bit, say about 3-4 inches and get a moisturizing perm. Fluff with a large comb after applying gel placing your hair over the horseshoed area.
       Another course would be to get a clipper cut about one-fourth to one-half of an inch all over. Some men are shaving their heads. Or, you could just let your hair grow without getting a perm and blow dry over those sections. Some opt for hair transplants that are very expensive and painful, from what I have heard. Other men wear hair pieces, then; there is always the acceptance that you are not alone in your genetic inheritance and your girl friend does not love you for the hair you have. After all, hair does not make the man. Remember that famous Hungarian movie star Yul Brynner in “The King and I?” He didn’t have any hair but has always captured ladies swooning attention world wide for years.
       Asian hair is uniquely different then Caucasian hair as it is straight, smooth, fine and mostly thin, but gives the illusion of being quite thick. When cutting an Asian gentlemen’s hair it is important not to get it too short as it will stick out on the sides because they have a tendency to grow outward instead of down.
       Your hair is unique. There isn’t another head of hair that can begin to match what you have. Your style should advertise who you are and reflect your individual personality. If you are comfortable with a style you have had for years because it works for you, that is ok too; because that is who you are and the world needs consistent people just like you. I think about Donald Trump’s hair and how he has had the same style ever since I can remember, because it works for him. The style is something he can do himself and he feels good about it. Looking at him through a professional eye, I cannot help thinking, he could look a lot better.
       If looking at the clock you sense it’s time for a change, make this event a fun time and be sure to find a reputable technician to give you a lot of suggestions and take the time to analyze your hair and lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to have some golden blonde foils in your hair and color over your gray with some golden brown and then get that new haircut. It’s a small price for a big smile afterwards.
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