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The Right Hairstyle for Your Lifestyle

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Obviously, the most important factor for choosing a style is to select one that is flattering to the face and build of the individual, but while a style can look terrific out of the gate (at the salon) it’s the individual who has to live with it. Living with it means doing the daily styling and daily and weekly care routines that keep the hair healthy and the style looking the way it should. This is why communication is so important.
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As a client it’s your job to ask your stylist all the important questions on caring for the hairstyle you have chosen. This includes: “What product should I use?” and “What styling tools are best for this style?” It also means that you need to make sure to watch the stylist as he or she styles the hair, in order to learn the little tricks that are so often key to making a style look the same time after time.
And when you’re getting a brand new look, expect to take as much as twice as long as the stylist needed at the salon in order to create the look at home. This isn’t because of any deficiency on your part it’s just a matter of practice. Remember, while you get up and style your hair every morning, the average stylist does the same thing, and then spends his or her entire day doing the same thing for dozens of other people. You’ll get faster, but expect a learning curve.
If you spend the time to get things sorted out before you get a new look, you can make better decisions on what works for you and what you can work with.
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