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Combine Hairstyles and Jewelry

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Match the Color
Find out if your skin type works best with gold or silver. Pick the color of gemstones, beads and rhinestones to match your eyes or hair. Imagine a short hair cut on a woman with green eyes. Short emerald stubs would look spectacular on her. Redheads also benefit from green or blue stones while rubies or garnets would be overpowered by the color of the hair. Blondes do well with lighter colors like aquamarine, turquoise, quartz, moonstones and diamonds. Brunette and black hair makes bright colored stones like rubies, amethyst, sapphires, opals or citrine glow.
Straight and Curly Hair
Try to find earrings that are the opposite of the texture of your hair. Curly hair would make curvy, fancy earrings disappear but it enhances straight lines and smooth surfaces. To offset the sleek lines of your straight hair wear the elaborate and fancy dangles and chandeliers.
What about the Necklace?
You can apply the same ideas about style and color to your necklace as well. When you pair earrings and necklace make sure that not both of them are of the bold and eye catching kind. That would be overkill. Make a choice for either a breathtaking necklace or the big earrings and keep the other one soft or only wear one or the other. It is just like with make-up – if you opt for the big eye-shadow, keep the lipstick neutral and vice versa.
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