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Human Hair and Fleas (2)

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If you prefer a more homeopathic treatment process, there are natural treatments that will do the trick, although you may need to repeat the processes a few times to get the permanent removal of the pests. (WARNING: NEVER use any flea medication designed for dogs, cats, birds or rodents on yourself. They can get your sick or, at the least, just not work.) Here are a few steps for getting rid of fleas from your person:
First, draw a hot bath. The water should be as warm as can be tolerated. For a standard size bathtub, place 1 cup of plain dish detergent, along with 1 cup of lemon extract. The fatty acids in the dish soap, and the limonene from the extract will kill both adult fleas and flea larvae alike.
Soak in the warm water for a half-hour. Be sure to keep the water as hot as is tolerable by reheating it periodically with more hot water. Lather your hair with standard shampoo, and leave the shampoo in your hair for the duration of the bath.
Scrub your skin and hair thoroughly with an abrasive cloth or sponge. Pay special attention to the areas between the toes and the back of the neck. The area of skin and the hairline immediately above the ears should be scrubbed thoroughly, too. After soaking in the tub, you can rinse yourself thoroughly in the shower.
After you get out of the shower, fill a bowl with soapy water and set it nearby. Comb your hair slowly from root to tip using a fine-tooth comb while the hair is still wet. Place any fleas that appear on the comb inside the bowl of soapy water. Repeat the bathing steps twice per week until no more fleas are found. When you combine this process with products designed to kill fleas on bedding and carpet, the insect invasion should be gone in no time.
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