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Hawaiian Beauty Secrets(2)

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Kukui nut oil is an excellent skin treatment. It moisturizes even very dry skin, heals broken skin, and is used as a soothing relief after sunburn and reduces redness and swelling in other minor burns.
This amazing oil penetrates the skin quickly without leaving an oily film. It contains the vitamins A, C and E and a high level of antioxidant, which help to slow down the aging process of our skin and keep it supple and soft.
It has a light and pleasant scent and is used in massage oils, skin creams or just pure. It works great as a make-up remover and if used regularly it will reduce fine lines and small wrinkles.
Kukui nut oil users have also reported relief with skin conditions as psoriasis and eczema.
What is good for the skin is very often also beneficial for the hair as well. Kukui nut oil heals a dry scalp, and makes hair wonderfully soft and shiny. It detangles rebellious hair and seals the hair to make it resistant to the damaging effects of water, wind and sun.
Just put a few drops of it in your shampoo or regular conditioner or just rub in into your palms and distribute a small amount evenly over your hair.
In the islands of Tonga locals still grind the ripe nuts into a paste and use it as a shampoo or as soap for the skin.