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     Other hair problems can be managed through different services and processes. Dry hair can be moisturized and nourished with deep conditioning treatments. Frizzy hair can be tamed by using a smoothing balm or anti-frizz serum and diffuser attachment on the nozzle of your blow-dryer. Limp, lifeless hair can be given body and volume with a body wave. Dull hair can be given added shine with a clear gloss or tinted gloss color service.
And Speaking of Color ...
     Color only plays a part in styling services in two respects – ethnicity and actual hair color choices. Persons of different ethnic and racial backgrounds can have dramatically different textures to their hair, but the principles of styling are all the same. The one place where color/ethnicity comes in to greatest consideration is in choosing hair color. The skin’s tone and color will determine whether or not the hair can be colored using cool or warm tones, or if you need to remain safe and follow neutral lines in color choice.
     This is another other thing a good stylist is trained to judge. A good stylist looks at a client and can visualize a spectrum of hair colors that would be flattering and appropriate to the client’s skin tone. A stylist is trained to understand the effects of lightness and darkness in color tones, and how to accentuate specific areas with highlighting or add depth to the color with low-lighting.
     A good stylist is capable of more than cutting hair. They are your advisors in matters of appearance, they are coaches in matters of grooming, and they are trained to help you look your very best. Regardless of the conventions of society, you can always find something to help you feel better about yourself and look better.
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