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Hairstyling Tricks (2)

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mega straight long hair and long bangs      For the mega-straight styling, the right tools rule: You need a large flat-paddle brush and a good-quality flat-iron. Shampoo and condition the hair; apply protective, leave-in products and blow out the hair using the flat-paddle brush to get the hair as smooth and straight as possible while drying it. Finish the job by misting the hair with spray and flat-ironing it smooth in thin segments.
     Sculpted Curl
     Sometimes you want a style that has something a little different to it. You want a clean, sleek look, but you don’t want the same old “slicked back” look. Well, try a finger wave, or sculpted curl, to make the look more exciting.
     Treat the hair as if you are planning to create the slicked back look. Once the styling gel has been applied, use your fingers and a comb to form curves and ridges in the hair. Allow the hair to set (meaning dry) and use a comb to break the gel and soften the look of the hair. The result is a look that is clean and tidy, and visually interesting.
     Are you tired of creating up-styles that seem too flat? You can puff-up your up-styles with a little teasing. No, don’t go making fun of yourself. Tease your hair – backcomb or back-brush it. By dividing the hair you intend to style into two halves and backcombing the inside of the halves 10-12 strokes each, you can bring the halves back together, smooth out the outer hair create the style as desired, with a fuller result.
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