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Hairstyle Predictions for 2008

While the Summer and Fall of 2007 saw a blooming of rich color and flowing curls among styles, the new year will be heralded with more subdued looks. As is customary with winter styles, the colors will grow darker and highlighting will be more subdued. Those rich and bold tones and colors will be foresworn in favor of higher gloss in their darker shades. The free-flowing and energetic curls will give way to sleek and smooth styling. Even those who choose to keep their waves and curls will opt for more controlled and cleanly-defined tresses.
  • Bra strap length hairstyle - Anne Hathaway
  • Erika Christensen wearing her sunglasses on top of her head
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Jaslene Gonzales with long and sleek black hair
  • Long silky hair with a side-swept fringe - Courtney Hansen
  • Jane Seymour - Long hairstyles for 55 year old women
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Look for the bob style to make a bit of a “comeback” this Winter season (even though it never really went away) as several celebrities are making this classic look all their own. Victoria Beckham is already making a splash with her highly publicized asymmetrical bob cut which has been renamed “The Pob” (for “Posh {Spice} Bob”).
Even if you don’t opt for a bob, consider going shorter for the New Year. One added benefit for trimming at least a few inches is that you leave your hair healthier overall. Remember, if you start at the scalp and move outward toward the ends of the hair, every six inches traveled equates to around a year of growing time. So for the woman whose hair is more than shoulder length, the last couple of inches of hair have been exposed to around two years’ worth of styling abuse.
On a final note: remember that the ultimate goal of style and fashion is to help us put our best foot forward. You should never let yourself be a slave to fashion or hairstyle trends. If you are comfortable with your personal style, don’t change it just because everyone else does. Look to the overall trends and see what parts of it you can adapt to what you know works for you.
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