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Phoebe Price & Becki Newton Hairstyles

  • Phoebe Price - Very long red hair
  • Becki Newton - Heavily coiffed long hair

Phoebe Price & Becki Newton are wearing the kind of big, romantic, flowing waves we love to see on our Hollywood types. Of course this kind of heavily-coiffed hair needs to be carefully prepped for driving: all that hair would easily be "all over the place" in a strong wind.
The best solution for these ladies if they choose to drive with this hairstyle is a long, slim scarf loosely wrapped across the top of the head and tied once at the nape of the neck. The ends of the scarf are then wrapped loosely around the ends of the hair and tied gently. This gentle confinement should allow for travel with ease, and be removable without requiring a lot of primping to get the glamour girl finish.
  • Phoebe Price - Long red hair with big waves
  • Phoebe Price - Red middle of the back hair
  • Phoebe Price hairstyle with red hair and waves
  • Long romantic hairstyle with waves - Becki Newton
  • Long wavy hairstyle with side bangs - Becki Newton
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