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Olivia Wilde Hairstyle

Olivia Wilde - Layered hairstyle for fine hair
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Olivia Wilde is wearing her fine textured hair in a layered style with a long fringe. This hairstyle, with the light weight and texture of the hair would be easily disheveled by the slightest amount of air circulating in a car. However, the use of common headbands, alice bands, or pulling the hair back would completely ruin the look.
The best option would be to use a combination of hairpins and a slim silk scarf tied at an angle from the forehead to the nape of the neck around the head to hold the hair in place while in transit. The scarf can be of a complimentary or camouflaging color and would appear as nothing more than a retro "headband" look. The silk fabric will be less likely to rough the hair, and would leave you with the smooth look you are after upon arrival.
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