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Jessica Alba Hairstyle

Jessica Alba - Long fringe hairstyle with the hair pulled back
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Jessica Alba is wearing the “long fringe” look that has become imminently popular. With the majority of her long hair pulled back into a nape area knot, most people would think this is a “safe hairstyle” but the length of the bangs falls to the cheekbones and could easily be blown around into the eyes to irritate and obscure her vision.
Jessica’s style is a perfect candidate for the use of an alice band, or perhaps a few large Velcro rollers to secure the fringe while traveling. If she opts for the rollers, she has the added benefit of perfectly curved fringe when she arrives at her destination.
  • Jessica Alba's hairstyle with a nape area knot
  • Jessica Alba with her hair pulled back into a knot
  • Jessica Alba wearing a long black silk dress
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