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Chandra Wilson Hairstyle

Chandra Wilson - Short blob haircut for black women
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Not all the styles that could be hazardous while driving are long hairstyles. Chandra here has a short, asymmetrical bob with a long, angling fringe, styled to be sleek and very chic. But these clean, sharp lines lend themselves to constant touching and nudging to keep the hair out of the eyes and to insure the continuation of the smooth look.
For Chandra's style, I would recommend the use of a couple of jeweled clips: one to hold back the shorter portions of the fringe, and one to hold the longer, away from the face so that she isn't encouraged to fuss with her hair while on the road.
  • Short black bob with an angling fringe - Chandra Wilson
  • Hairstyle for short black hair - Chandra Wilson
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