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New Year's Hair Resolutions (3)

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       Think of it as a “hair check-up”. Find a hair salon you feel comfortable with visiting (ask among your friends) and book an appointment for a shampoo and styling/set. When you arrive, talk to the stylist about your situation and explain that you generally don’t visit a salon for general services. Tell her about all the things you do to and with your hair, and ask her for opinions on your hair’s condition and possible areas of which you should be aware.
       If she starts recommending a lot of things you should have done while you are in the salon, don’t let yourself feel pressured. Remember, you are the client and you can simply say “NO”. You are asking for legitimate advice not a sales pitch. Many salons have a policy requiring their stylists to “upsell” (encourage clients to get addition treatments and buy products) so it may be that the stylist is doing something she feels she has to do. Use your judgment and if you feel you’re being pressured too much, you can always leave. High pressure situations are rare but can happen, just remember that YOU are in charge.
       {NOTE: In this situation, if the stylist wants to get you to book another appointment before you leave, ask for her card so that you can call and make an appointment later – i.e., on your own terms. If she doesn’t have a card, then you can simply say you’ve got the salon’s number. This lets you keep control of the situation.}
       The bottom line is that the start of a new year is a perfect opportunity to make some changes that will improve our lives. And doing even a couple of little things to improve the quality of our hair, can lead to a dramatic improvement in the way we look at and feel about ourselves.
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