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Choosing a Hair Product (3)

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       The foam products, called mousses, are the lightest of the styling products and generally make for voluminous, soft styles. Mousses are great for blow-dry styling because they can help create lasting styles without stiffness. They can also be used for wet look styling, without being overly stiff or sticky.
       The liquids, often referred to as setting lotions, are great for use with roller sets and for blow-dryer styling when a stronger hold is needed. Many women who have their hair set using a liquid setting lotion enjoy a style that will last for several days, or until the next shampoo. The setting lotions are great for creating durable styles.
       Styling gels are thick, viscous products that give maximum hold and are ideal for creating those styles that need exceptional hold and strength. Styling gels are especially good for hair that is hard to manage and styles that need the most hold possible.
Hair Spray / Spritz
       Hair spray is the staple of the hair care product line, dating back to yesteryear when stylists used turpentine and resins to hold the hair after styling. Hair sprays can be found in aerosol or non-aerosol varieties, and the non-aerosol varieties are sometimes referred to as spritzes. Both varieties contain ingredients that cause the spray to dry rapidly on the hair to provide the needed hold without “wetting” the hair.
       The aerosols are packaged in metal canisters under extreme pressure from propellants that are typically flammable. You must use caution with aerosol hairsprays and never use these products around an open flame (such as a candle) or around anyone who is smoking.
       The non-aerosol hair sprays typically contain alcohol in order to allow the hair spray to dry more rapidly. They are applied using a mechanical applicator – a pump sprayer. These non-aerosol hair sprays must be used carefully as they may cause the hair to be overly dampened if applied to heavily, lacking the propellant to generate a finer mist.
       Hair sprays are versatile, in that they can be used to create styles (in conjunction with curling irons and flat irons) or to give a final set to a finished style. Because the hair sprays will leave a residue on the hair shaft (this is how they work) you may experience product build-up with repeated use.
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