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How To Use Hair Gel (2)

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      The last gel products we’re going to refer to today are those with special additives to help you achieve specific looks. These additives can vary widely. Some gels contain wax-based additives to keep the styles malleable and allow you to work the hair virtually all day to keep the style fresh and sharp-looking. Some contain smoothing agents specifically for use to combat frizz or to keep curly hair looking smooth and controlled. There are even gels that contain sunscreen, moisturizers and humectants to keep the hair hydrated and protected from UV damage and exposure to harsher outdoor elements.
Styles that Benefit from Styling Gels
      While a number of hairstyling situations can benefit from styling gels regardless of the length of the style, the use of gels often really shines in cases where short hairstyles are involved. There is, of course, the short and spiky look that most people often associate with hair gel use. The gel in this situation is used to make the hairs stick to one another in small clusters which create the “spikes” that define the style.
      But gels are also used with other short styles such as the medium-short blow-dry looks that sweep the hair from one side of the head to the other and create sculpted looks. It can even be used in the aforementioned “short and spiky” style and combined with a blow-dryer to diffuse the hair into a topiary style.
      Other men’s styles that generally benefit from styling gels are the more modern textured cuts such as the faux hawk and the Caesar cut with the upturned fringe. The lengths of these cuts can vary, but the use of gel becomes beneficial in adding structure to the hair. In these more current styles, the gels with additive ingredients, such as wax, are great for making a style easy to maintain throughout the day, since the hair stays pliable and can simply be manipulated with the fingers to freshen the look.
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