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Occupational Diseases Among Hairdressers

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A number of the products that a hairdresser uses are very strong and can be dangerous if used improperly. This is one of the reasons that those pursuing this profession are carefully tested and licensed. Safety is very important and most areas require continuing education courses in order to qualify for renewal of licensure to practice the cosmetology profession.
Another common problem faced by hairdressers is the exposure to varied infections of the skin and hair. These can be fungal, viral or bacterial, and are generally transmitted by improper safety measures being used. Fungal and bacterial infections can often be spotted due to the symptoms they present in the client.
If the hairdresser or technician fails to recognize these symptoms and/or disregards the safety protocols, he or she can be exposed and contract the infection as well. For instance, towels and tools improperly cleaned and sanitized can result in spreading bacterial and fungal infections to other clients and the professional herself.
Viral infections can be harder to spot and often will not be visible in many cases. For this reason, it is always important to ask your clients about infections or illnesses that he or she may have. Furthermore, it is because of viral infections that sterilization of reusable tools is imperative.
For example: a razor that is improperly sterilized can spread viral infections like herpes, Hepatitis C and even HIV. In addition, any time there is an incident where there is broken skin involved, ALL tools should be immediately sterilized and precautionary measures should be doubled, regardless of the answers to any questions about infections or illness.
{Note: Many hairdressers get vaccinations against Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis B infections, as a precautionary measure. However, it is important to remember that as of yet there is NO vaccination against Hepatitis C (HCV) and the vaccinations against the other forms of Hepatitis do not confer any protection against possible exposure or infection with Hepatitis C. Because of this, all safety protocols should be adhered to strictly and carefully.}
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