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Haircut Phobias (2)

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How Are Haircut Phobias Treated?
There are several different treatment options that can be effectively used to treat haircut phobias. One of the most common treatments involves the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy. The cognitive part of this therapy technique involves changing the way a person thinks about the fear object. In this case, a therapist would help the individual change how they think about haircuts, to help the person view them in a more positive light.
The behavioral component of this therapeutic treatment involves changing how people react when confronted by the fear object, often through a process of exposure. In this case, the therapist may begin with having the individual read a magazine about haircuts. Next, the individual might be asked to handle tools used by hairstylists, such as scissors, razors, brushes, and combs. Then, the individual might spend some time at a hair salon watching other people get haircuts. The final step in this treatment would be for the individual to get their own hair cut without experiencing excessive or irrational fear.
While most of us feel excited about getting a new haircut, other people find the experience nothing short of unbearable. Those suffering from a haircut phobia can access resources or develop their own techniques for dealing with this type of phobia. Learning to overcome a haircut phobia can help a person's confidence, self-esteem, and appearance.
Kendra Van Wagner - Psychosocial Therapist