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2010 Celebrity Hair Trends (3)

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Meryl Streep
The talented and oft-nominated Meryl Streep always looks lovely, and this year was no exception. My only complaint was that I wanted to see her look a little more “coiffed”. It looks as though her style was starting to wear down before the night even got started.
Amanda Seyfried
The ethereally beautiful Ms. Seyfried has it all, porcelain complexion, glamourous gown, and sleek, stylish hair. The look is simple and classic. I just think it’s a little TOO simple. I would love to see a little more elaboration in the style. Maybe a small spray of curls, or some jeweled ornamentation.
Vera Farmiga
Ms. Farmiga was widely-held to have the most stunning dress of the night at the Oscars. However, while her hair was done up in a lovely, loose up-do, it seemed too casual for the Haute Couture look of the gown. With all the structure in the garment, the hair should have been more structured as well. Tight polished curls and sweeping waves would have served her far better.
Sarah Jessica Parker
Wearing vintage Chanel couture, SJP looked stunning and elegant. She even tried to carry that “old-school” elegance on forward in her hair. Unfortunately, the execution wasn’t what it should have been. The portions that should have been sleek and smooth seemed weathered, while the large, soft, sculpted curls in the up-style seemed to sag under their own weight.
Sigourney Weaver
With a history as an action heroine as well as dramatic lead, Sigourney Weaver has proven her ability to do anything. Her Grecian-inspired gown was lovely. However, her hair let the whole ensemble down. Her look needed a more “styled” hair-do. Perhaps a roller-set with clean, crisp curls to create the illusion of an up-do would give her a better finish to a good start.
Kathy Ireland
Model/Actress Kathy Ireland is rarely thought of as anything less than a stunning beauty, and her appearance on the red carpet was no exception. However, in spite of a stunning beaded gown, and dazzling pearl collar, her hair brought down the look. The loose up-style was TOO loose. Tighten up the curls and gathered waves, and add some volume to the fringe to basically “lift” the whole look into the kind of glamour it should have been to start.
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